Automate The Tedious

Today I had to update a Jira project and add some 300 new versions to a project. If anyone has done this before, you know it’s a mind numbing copy / paste / click grind. So being the script monkey I am, I decided this was a job for Selenium IDE.
I wrote a simple script that would go to the admin page, click the version section, enter a version, then save it. I then did some RegEx on my cut/paste version list to wrap each version in that script. Saved it, and let er rip. Worked like a charm.
I had some snippets here but they were murdered by the formatting. I’ll add them back in at some point.

Hit a snag with Netbeans, Maven, and DbUnit testing utils.

I switched to Netbeans probably a month or so ago for this small side project I’ve started and so far I’m digging it. However I hit a little issue that Eclipse never had a problem with. I’m using DbUnit for integration tests and I have an AbstractDbUnitIntegrationTest class that does a CLEAN_INSERT on the database for every test, which is great. But that means I need to have a data set to start with. Continue reading “Hit a snag with Netbeans, Maven, and DbUnit testing utils.”