Turntable.fm replacement plug.dj looks great

I was really upset when turntable.fm went offline, it was something I ended up using regularly. Before that site, I really didn’t understand what a “DJ” was, I thought it was just some guy that hit the play button. But the more I used the site, the more I started to understand a good DJ can feel out the vibe in a room and decide where to take it through music. It was quite the epiphany when I put that together. When that went offline, I thought that experience was gone. Then I find plug.dj
plug.dj is very similar to turntable.fm and if I didn’t know any better, I probably wouldn’t know they were different. plug.dj seems to be way more social focused, adding tons of wild avatars and animations. It’s pretty neat, if you’re into that thing.
With additional features comes additional complexity, it’s kind of hard to navigate the site, especially with people competing for attention. With room names like “ϟ●Electro, Dubรтєρ & Techno●ϟ”, it gets messy some times. For instance, what type of music can I expect in this room?
What room is this?
There are no room logos either, what shows is the video from the currently playing song. So not only is it hard to find the same room again based on visuals, they forcefully play videos! My guess is they source the audio from youtube. But I only care about the music, I don’t want some anime video playing in the background. And yes, it’s usually anime for some reason.
It’s only my second day using the site, I’m sure there is more to come. There is a lot of potential here, I just hope they focus more on being an awesome DJ site and less about being Facebook’s younger brother for wannbe club kids.

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